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Conditioning isn't a matter of sport for us, it's the difference between combat superiority and a bodybag.


Today's warfighter wants to look like a tank and move like a Ferrari. Most don't know how to achieve this level of fitness, however. They follow a bodybuilding program and lose all of their endurance, or they build up their endurance and lose all of their hard-earned muscle. The Warrior Athlete is the hybrid. I will show you how to not only maintain but grow your strength, while increasing your endurance and conditioning. The abs are just a side-effect of the hard work.


 I spent years training Soldiers and athletes alike, trying to get them to meet and surpass their goals.  It wasn't until I unlocked just how important energy systems are in the role of conditioning that I actually understood conditioning at all.

Throughout my years as a Soldier and as a fitness professional, I came across a ton of programs that claimed to prepare warriors for the fight. I couldn't find any that actually took into account the science behind properly conditioning the aerobic and anaerobic systems together to prepare someone to fight for their life. Many military conditioning programs out there are either bootcamp knockoffs or balls to the wall with no clear regard or understanding of the nervous system or stress management.

When you are training for a firefight, you need to condition your anaerobic system for the first sprint to cover. You need to condition your aerobic system to be quick enough to regenerate the alactic system back up as you catch your first breath. You condition your mind to anticipate that breath and consciously refrain from hyperventilation under pressure of your body armor. Your nervous system has to be conditioned to steady your arm as you align your front sight post. Your brain has to be conditioned to not only remain reactive but proactive, remain upright to receive as much oxygen as possible to continue to direct the symphony that is your body. 

Conditioning a tactical athlete is so much more than running sprints in the heat until you puke. This programming is scientifically designed by a conditioning specialist and combat veteran to train your body and mind to excel against any conditions. This program will make you one of the strongest in your platoon, while earning you the athletic conditioning you need to sprint iteration after iteration on the platoon live-fire ranges.

Welcome to the fight.

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Strength and Conditioning

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OAF Collab: Don't call it a military discount

A taste of the 12 Weeks of Strength.


This is for my barracks savage that decided to splurge on pre-workout this month instead. 

In all seriousness, this is the best free program you will ever receive.  Learn how to get bigger, faster, stronger, and go longer based on energy systems and proper breathing.

12 Weeks of Strength

12 weeks of strength and conditioning to take you from zero to hero.

This program will lay the foundation for strength and basic conditioning needed to graduate to level II. 

You will learn, proper breathing, heart-rate control, proper progressions and periodization.

12 Weaks to Beast

So you've got baseline strength. It's time to turn you into a beast.

 This program is intended for those that have completed "12 Weeks of Strength" in the prescribed times, understand HRV and energy systems, and are ready to take things to the next level.

Develop and apply your strength to move like an athlete and perform on/in the field.

Elite strength. Elite conditioning. Elite mindset.

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"What a disgrace it is for a man to grow old without ever seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable." 


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