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Erik Bartell is a respected leader in both the military and fitness communities.

After separating from the military, Erik has gone on to not only lead but also consult for some of the most successful brands in fitness and the veteran world. With advanced experience in community marketing and social media/brand development, Erik is able to guide organizations in developing their overall marketing strategy and implementation. Outside of consulting for major brands Erik has built out extensive influencer and affiliate platforms. These platforms have allowed brands to recruit ambassadors, deliver private content, sell products and training programs, and interact directly with their followers without the constraints of social media. Erik also has experience handling brand and influencer partnerships bringing millions of impressions and reach to brands he has consulted for. Possibly the biggest impact for the brand however, is building strategic platforms that allow them to take back ownership of their followings data, something both Instagram and the influencer themselves don't give them.

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Once an unknown nonprofit. Under Erik’s leadership, FitOps cut program costs by over 60% while raising veteran success rate by 27% through a strategic overhaul of program operations. Erik also raised awareness on military installations, and social media improving recruitment and accruing a waitlist of veterans trying to enter the program to over 1,000 applicants – all with zero ad spend. In 2019, FitOps signed John Cena as the spokesperson of the nonprofit and in conjunction launched a major fundraising campaign to raise $2,000,000. Today, FitOps has trained over 300 veterans and is looking to build out a full-time training camp to run year-long operations.

An invite only luxury training facility in the heart of Manhattan – named “the hottest gym in the world” in 2019 by the Urbanlist and touted as one of the top gyms in the world by many other media sources like the New York Times and Forbes. Erik was the founding GM at Performix House and was tasked with establishing the House not only as the leading gym in NYC but building it into a replicable and scalable business. Erik built a team of the most influential trainers in the nation and developed systems and processes to meet the standards of both celebrities and some of the world’s top business leaders alike. Today, Performix House is opening up a second location in Los Angeles and planning to scale digitally very soon.

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30 min

This is a preliminary phone call that will allow us to review your brands needs, briefly discuss courses of action, and provide you with next steps.

Prior to this call you must have submitted a needs assessment via email.

By 24 hours after this call you can expect to have a proposal with a basic SOW outlining involvement.

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