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Strength & Conditioning Foundation

Strength & Conditioning Foundation

This is the foundations of strength and conditioning. This program is intended to provide you with a base program intended to increase your core lifts while developing your metabolic conditioning. There is intentionally very little fluff or extraneous exercises built into this programming. If you feel you need to added additional exercises or focuses to specific days, feel free to do so - but do not do so in a way that will cost you progress in the following days goals.

Finally, this is only a 6 week program. Most conventional programs are 8-12 weeks based on goals and this one is based on a 12 week program. The main change from this to the 12 week program is continued periodization and diversification of exercises. I will eventually put the 12 week program up for sale once I receive additional feedback on this one to ensure that it is best suited for the general population interested - you.

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